Changmin and Yunho on the things they are scared of.

These two boys are really awkward with their ment, but it’s part of their personality that I truly adore from them. Even though they are older than me, I still consider them my babies because I’ve seen them grow and I feel proud of them like a mother whenever they achieve something in life, and when someone belittles their success, I turn into a scary mother in trying to protect her two sons. Anyway, they are so kawaii in my eyes, not only pertaining to their topic of conversation which was so incoherent and random, however, I find it really attractive. Fighting you two!!

First Impression: I Hear Your Voice


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I’d have to be very honest that I was expecting an intensive heart-mind-and-soul grabbing starting point. Such high standard is influenced by the k-drama community online led by the blogs that I follow and then it reaches up all the way to my twitter timeline. Thus, the greatest expectation I held for so long and finally I managed to start. I was only waiting for it to end to marathon and to avoid the cliffhangers that were not meant for me even though I’m feeling left out of the series.

From the story emerges the character of Park So Ha played by Lee Jong Suk who can hear your voice and that certainly can also be translated to reading your mind. Yes, and that is made possible by the fantasy mapping the episodes in which aroused curiosity but more of a succession of how’s. It’s not much of a good news because it didn’t strike me on the spot in contrary to what I heard from the first hand experiences of its followers. It’s quite challenging to like the plot because I got nothing but an extra load of questions. Anyhow, it’s too early to make my judgment of the entire series and all. An essential part of which is the persuasive power of its viewership on me so I could pursue watching. I also ask for understanding for the reason that I will excuse myself for weighing all the pros and cons too much. I wouldn’t want to miss out but at the same time, I’m having doubts like this. This wasn’t a type of love at first sight series but hopefully magic will come along the way. Other than that, the mystery surrounding Park So Ha’s extraordinary skill in hearing voices within is seemingly interesting.

My verdict on the first episode: ambiguous but all worth a try. Let’s wait for more development.

First Impression: Dating Agency Cyrano


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I’d get straight to the point: I had a few good laughs on some scenes which wasn’t coercive or anything like that, it was purely because I was tickled by the timing. It actually did a good job for a first episode and that’s enough to give me a lasting impression of it. I didn’t fall for the plot but I was attracted at the potentials of the casts. The fact that it runs for only 45 minutes, why don’t we give it a chance? Let’s be experimental with our choice of dramas to watch and discover new things out of nowhere, shall we? But not much on the literal edge, because I’ve read few recommendations of this drama. However, I wouldn’t believe unless I prove it myself, and to judge it based on my experience is important.

My verdict: Hence, I didn’t applaud and I wasn’t mind blown but I appreciated the effort of giving quality visuals and transition, most especially the j-dorama vibes that was brewing. The story is about dating through a manipulative scenario of love and attraction between the targeted individuals. I’m not a fan of the storyline per se; thus, I left it all up to the execution and the acting. To my celebration, it was able to meet my standards which garnered a passing rate. And that meant a lot within those 45 minutes.

To share my favorite scenes:

"She fell over" yet again. Too clumsy!
“She fell over” yet again. Too clumsy!Behind the cover is Seo Byung-Hoon - the mastermind of the dating agency.                          Behind the cover is Seo Byung-Hoon – the mastermind of the dating agency.Surprise! Surprise!Surprise! Surprise!This scene was too funny to me!This scene was too funny to me!At the library - profiling their target.At the library – profiling their target.Ooops! Behold!Ooops! Behold!He acted so cool while she could only stiffened. He acted so cool while she could only stiffened.What a way to end the first episode. Kya~What a way to end the first episode. Kya~She felt surprised to her heart awakened. [objectively]She felt surprised to her heart awakened. [objectively]Ohhh, he only looked at her dearly. What a tease! [alert: the playboy and the easy going aura in him]Ohhh, he only looked at her dearly. What a tease! [alert: the playboy and the easy going aura in him]

Reaction: Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woobin

Am I the only one missing out the fun? Pls let me know I’m not alone with this kind of feeling. So, the season has began wherein these two celebs are busy gaining shippers while I’m off to see other things. Sure, I saw the previous projects of these two where they made a supporting roles respectively, one of which is Lee Jong Suk’s character as a gay singer/songwriter in Secret Garden who has a hidden desire to his boss, Oska from one of the characters; whereas Kim WooBin took over the role of a slightly gangster student in A Gentleman’s Dignity. Either way, I am really puzzled why they are not under my radar yet despite of the things I’ve seen and witnessed from them, the resistance is overwhelming. Is it the timing or I am just purely trying so hard to get to know them so I end up being frustrated? Would joining the School 2013 bandwagon make a difference to me?

K, I’m doing this post so by the time that I entirely understood the whole fuss about them, then I could probably shoot myself from indifference. If that time ever will come, there are lots of uncertainties out there. This post doesn’t warrant anything yet. Plus, I get the fact that these two are talented but with the a-la superstar status that some fans attach to their names? They still have a long way to go. That’s my answer to that.

Master’s Sun Trailer

OH MY GOODNESS. This teaser is killing me with much of anticipation! Here, the team up between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin that I whole heartedly look forward to won’t disappoint judging from the teaser, and even though time would get in the way to watching, I will make an effort to squish this drama on my to-dos. Gosh, I’m so excited and thrilled, can August 7 come faster already?